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  • PT-FX500

    5.000lm/ XGA/ LCD Projector

A Dustproof Solution for Bright and Efficient Projection


High Picture Quality

  • High brightness of 5,000 lm*1 from a compact body
  • Dynamic 10,000:1 contrast performance with iris
  • High resolution up to XGA for full HD pictures
  • Daylight View Basic function ensures clear and vivid image quality in bright environments
  • DICOM simulation mode*3 for medical presentations
  • Color Adjustment function to correct color variations in multi-projector applications


Low TCO and Easy Maintenance

  • Long lamp replacement cycle: up to 8,000 hours (Eco) / 6,000 hours (Normal)*4
  • Reusable Super Eco Filter replacement extended to 16,000 hours*4
  • Dust-resistant cabinet with one-way air flow design
  • Easy access to lamp and filter when mounted on ceiling
  • Ultra-quiet 29 dB*5 operation on Eco mode


System Flexibility

  • DIGITAL LINK supports transmission of uncompressed full HD video, audio, and control commands through a single CAT 5e or higher STP cable for distances of up to 150 m (492 ft)*6
  • Wide-range manual lens shift, 1.8x zoom lens for picture adjustment
  • Corner keystone & curved screen correction
  • Wireless projection with optional dongle (ET-WML100)
  • Mechanical shutter
  • Network function via LAN for easy remote operation
  • Supports free Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software


*1 Brightness by model: PT-FX500 (5,000 lm) and PT-FZ570/FW530 (4,500 lm), *3 This product is not a medical instrument. Do not use for actual medical diagnosis, *4 The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle and the duration of the filter, *5 35 dB with lamp power set to Normal, *6 150 m (492 ft) transmission available only with ET-YFB200G DIGITAL LINK Switcher for signals up to 1080/60p (dot-clock frequency 148.5 MHz), Transmission distance is up to 100 m (328 ft) in other cases.


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