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Panasonic enhances large venue projector line up

The PT-EX12K LCD Projector offers remarkable 12,000 lm brightness with Pure Color Control and minimized maintenance (Wiesden)

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 31 Jan, 2012- Panasonic Europe today announced the PT-EX12K LCD projector with brightness of 12,000 lumens and XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution.

Panasonic recently started shipment of its first 10,000 lumens LCD projector the PT-EX16K with in September 2011. The PT-EX12K will be join this series, which providing bright screen images ideal for large-space viewing in event and conference halls.

The PT-EX12K incorporates two 380W lamps for a remarkable 12,000 lm brightness; and its high 4000:1 contrast ratio ensures clear, sharp and crisp images. The image quality is also supported by the Pure Color Control function and full 10-bit image processing system. The Pure Color Control function independently controls the light intensity of yellow coloring providing rich overall color expression while maintaining bright, life-like images.“The PT-EX12K is the work horse in our high brightness range”, said Hartmut Kulessa, Marketing Manager for Projectors at Panasonic Europe. “It is a projector which is quick and easy to setup and provides high brightness pictures in applications where budgets are limited and high resolution picture quality is not needed. From projecting the background scenery in the theater, to presentation content at exhibitions and fairs to live event production this, projector provides outstanding brightness and professional features without breaking the budget.”

The PT-EX12K contains LCD panels with inorganic alignment layers and polarizers to add durability. The projector’s replacement cycle has maximized up to 10,000 hours and a duallamp operation for enhanced reliability. To address often costly filter maintenance thePT-EX12K is designed with the Eco Filter which minimizes the need for filter servicing repairs for up to 12,000 hours.

A wide variety of lenses from short to long focus zoom lens makes it possible for the projectorto be installed in multiple locations. These lenses can be used for both models and (rotated around 360 degrees vertically so that the projector can be easily installed for variety of situations.

The projector contains Multi-Screen Support System that is equipped with built-in Edge Blending function and Color Matching function. Built-in Edge Blending function allows seamless image connection of multiple projectors and Color Matching function helps to correct variation in color reproduction between the projectors. These functions are effective in an event where more than one projector is used to project elongated images for large-space viewing.

Monitoring more than one projector from a remote location is extremely easy thanks to Panasonic’s Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software. The software allows users to control and monitor up to 2,048 projectors from a single PC. Likewise, the web browser connected through a wired LAN system can be used to remotely operate and monitor overall projector status. Users are able to receive email notifications regarding network connectivity and lamp status.

Other useful features include wide-ranging terminals with 2 sets of RGB inputs, an HDMI input, and a DVI-D input. HD-SDI is also supported with an addition of the optional board, ET-MD16SD1.

PT-EX12K is available from March 2012.