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Panasonic debuts a new Full-HD Home Cinema Projector with 2,800 Lumens of brightness

The PT-AH1000E Delivers Full-HD Large Screen Entertainment with More Brightness and More Excitement for Movie, Sports and Game Enthusiasts (Wiesbaden)

Panasonic has today announced the PT-AH1000E Full High-Definition LCD Home Cinema Projector with 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixel) resolution. Encompassing a high brightness of 2,800 lumens and a 50,000:1 contrast ratio, the PT-AH1000E lets friends and family enjoy Full-HD large screen entertainment from movies to sports and games in various lighting conditions. Whether for a house party, sports showing, or a regular movie night, the PT-AH1000E will keep viewers engaged in the story and action through the stunning image quality.

The PT-AH1000E projector produces bright, sharp images, by employing a new, high-power 280-watt Red-Rich lamp and optical unit that combine to generate 2,800 lumens of brightness for comfortable viewing in various lighting conditions. In addition, the advanced Light Harmonizer 3 assists the versatile use of the projector by automatically adjusting the picture quality of the image to match the living room or cinema room conditions. This is made possible by utilizing the built in ambient light and colour sensors that adjust the white balance, gamma curve, sharpness settings to maintain bright, crisp pictures to match the users’ viewing environment.

In a darker room, an even higher picture quality can be enjoyed with Panasonic’s Hollywood tuning imaging technology. The PT-AH1000E is equipped with many advanced optical components such as the Dynamic Iris Pro and Pure Colour Filter Pro that assists with reproducing a stunning 50,000:1 contrast ratio and exceptional colour accuracy. The intelligent Dynamic Iris Pro adjusts the unit’s optical iris, the Red-Rich Lamp and gamma curve 50 times per second to produce beautiful images with excellent black level and shadow detail. The PT-AH1000E’s Pure Colour Filter Pro achieves a high purity level of the three primary colours – red, green and blue – while displaying deeper, purer blacks, with extended colour gamut. In addition, the PT-AH1000E excels at showing fine detail thanks to the proprietary Detail Clarity Processor 3 engine.

With the powerful light output and the extended dynamic range, the PT-AH1000E encompasses a total of seven picture modes that provide optimal performance for different contents. Seven preset picture modes include, Sports, Game, Cinema1, Vivid Cinema, Normal, REC709, and Dynamic mode.

In Sports mode, users can enjoy the game with minimal frame delay and image tuning that lively brings out the players for an exciting match of football, baseball, soccer and many other sports enjoyed by a crowd. While in Game mode, picture quality characteristics have been specifically tuned to reveal more image details in the dark or over-saturated areas that are prevalent in many games. Together with the preset picture mode, the Motion Effect function makes sure that the fast-moving images are crisp and clear. This new technology detects and analyzes the brightness and frequency distribution data of the image. Based on this analysis, it optimizes the sharpness along a time axis to maintain naturally sharp images for optimal viewing.

Maximum picture quality can be assured on the PT-AH1000E by using the built in Waveform monitor as a guideline. Furthermore, the Split Adjust Mode provides an easy to navigate solution for those looking to adjust different picture settings on the projector.

Initial setup and installation are quick and easy, because the 2x zoom can cast a 120-inch diagonal image from as close as 3.5 meters (about 11.5 feet) to 7 meters (23 feet) from the screen. The projector’s lens shift capability enables 68 percent vertical adjustment and 26 percent horizontal adjustment, so the user can suspend the projector either close to the ceiling or mount it to a wall. The PT-AH1000E is also equipped with two HDMI™ inputs (supporting x.v.Colour™ and Deep Colour), so multiple HD sources can be connected without an HDMI switcher. More theatre automation, such as lighting and a motorized screen, is possible with the PT-AH1000E because it comes equipped with two programmable 12-volt trigger terminals and VIERA Link. VIERA Link provides seamless operation of multiple VIERA Link compatible Panasonic devices by using the PT-AH1000E remote control. All this and more give the PT-AH1000E the power that it needs to serve as the core of a dynamic AV home cinema or a casual entertainment centre right in your living room.

The PT-AH1000E also takes eco into consideration. The new Eco Management function reduces power consumption depending on different parameters, for example, ambient light conditions and situations when no signal is input to the projector. An off-timer can also be set to reduce wasteful power consumption when the projector is mistakenly left on unattended. Advanced Panasonic digital circuitry intelligently determines the necessary power output of the lamp depending on the content being displayed by analyzing more than 3 billion different image patterns. This advanced analysis process reduces the main power consumption by as much as 10 percent when the Dynamic Iris Pro function is operating, thus saving energy. The PT-AH1000E also prides an extremely low standby power consumption of 0.08 watt.

The Panasonic PT-AH1000E Full High-Definition home cinema projector is made in
Japan and will be available in October 2011, through authorized Panasonic resellers, at an MSRP of € 2,099.

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