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The Benefits


We must all do everything we can to reduce CO2 emissions as a matter of priority.

Panasonic display products are already among the most energy-efficient you can buy, even so they still consume electricity which in most parts of the world is created by burning fossil fuel, creating CO2 emissions, causing climate change.

That’s why we’re introducing a scheme which offsets all the carbon consumed during the use of the projector or display throughout its expected lifetime. It’s called Offset For Life, and we believe it’s an important step along the path to creating zero carbon products for our customers, and our future.

What are the benefits?

Panasonic‘s Offset For Life scheme allows you, the user, to offset the emissions generated by our display products for the duration of their use, effectively reducing your net contribution to global warming.

You do this by choosing to enter the scheme and buy credits which we will invest on your behalf in Gold Standard projects; those which make the most significant contribution to sustainable development in the local communities in which the projects operate.

As Yvo De Boer, former United Nations Climate Chief, says

“It makes sense to get the biggest bang for your bucks, to identify the most cost-effective emissions reduction options around the world…The atmosphere doesn't care where you reduce emissions as long as you reduce emissions.”

Importantly, the projects we’ve chosen are monitored and audited by an independent third party so you know that your investment is being put to the best possible use.

By participating you:

  • can add the carbon offset towards your own corporate targets;
  • make a positive contribution to your CSR;
  • signal to the staff who use the equipment that you specify the most environmentally sensitive products.

*A 3 or 5 year typical replacement cycle, based on normal industry practice.

The Gold Standard
The Gold Standard

The projects within this scheme are accredited to the Gold Standard, find out more by visiting