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Panasonic people masking technology nominated as finalist at GIT SECURITY AWARD

Panasonic’s people masking solution has been named as a finalist in the CCTV Video Security category for the GIT SECURITY AWARDS.

A panel of experts nominated the finalists by examining which products were the most innovative, had the best use case and the strongest USP. Public voting is now open until 31st August 2016.

Panasonic introduced the people masking solution, within both a range of cameras and as part of PC-based software, to ensure users can continue monitoring premises, whilst protecting the privacy of individuals.  

People within the image are masked, whilst their silhouettes reveal movement.

Gerard Figols, Product Marketing Manager for Panasonic Security Solutions, said, “The people masking solution enables the protection of privacy while ensuring the safety of people and locations, in one solution. We’re pleased to see that it has been nominated for an award and look forward to hearing the winners at Security Essen.”

To vote please visit the GIT SECURITY AWARD website:

The camera based solution is now available, while the PC-based solution is set for launch from June 2016. For more information of Panasonic Security Solutions please visit: