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How Attendance Taking System works

Panasonic attendance taking system is an automated system for attendance taking. The camera will scan all the faces and process the information to match with the registered data. The results can be retrieved within a few minutes. 



The attendance is taken via a fixed camera or pan-tilt-zoom camera. For a fixed camera, attendance will be taken once you step in the building entrance (more suited for an office building, factory or grocery store). For a pan-tilt-zoom camera, attendance will be taken while you are in the meeting or lesson (more applicable to a conference room, meeting room or lecture hall setting). 

The core product of the attendance taking system is Panasonic’s Facial Recognition system. The team developed the attendance taking system from understanding the demands of the various markets. As the face is unique for each person, attendance cannot be falsified by students or audiences (students passing access cards to friends for attendance taking, and colleagues assisting others to clock-in), which is why Panasonic has decided to capture the most unique feature of the human body – the face.

Accuracy is one of the concerns for attendance. The traditional way for reporting is key in the result by admin staff. This results in low accuracy due to human error. With the Panasonic Attendance Taking System, reporting can be automated as no admin work is needed. Data is retrievable within a few minutes after analysis is complete. Additionally, this system helps to overcome issues such as false attendance and early exit and aims to minimise human error while maximising efficiency.