• WV-SPW312L

    hd bullet camera, security camera, panasonic security
  • WV-SPW312L

    hd bullet camera, security camera, panasonic security

HD Bullet Camera

720p, 30fps Bullet Camera

Panasonic's WV-SPW312L HD bullet camera has been designed to be a high quality, low cost addition to any security system. Not only can you benefit from an extremely low introductory price (for more information, click here), you can also save costs on the day to day operating of this bullet camera due to such features as:



Not only will Panasonic's HD bullet camera save costs, it is also inundated with various features to ensure versatility, making it suitable for application in many different environments. 

  • The camera itself is small in size - discrete and unobtrusive, suitable for a retail or customer facing environment
  • High sensitivity with day/night function - This feature allows the camera to perform excellently in low light conditions (Colour - 0.02lx; B/W - 0.006lx) at F1.6
  • IR LED - This feature allows the bullet camera to take pictures at 0lx, and automatically adapts to the lighting of the environment, reducing the need for user input
  • IP66 rated water and dust resistant - weatherproof and suitable for outdoor applications

panasonic, security camera, hd security camera, static security camera

To find out more about the specifications and technologies of the WV-SPW312L hd bullet camera, please download the spec sheet, available from the 'Manuals' tab at the top of this page. 

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