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Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision Micro Camera Solutions provide lightweight, flexible and high-performing CMOS complete technology solutions.

The 1MOS & 3MOS micro cameras are suitable for many applications, including medical (hospitals, microscopy), industrial (quality control, inspection), life science (research facilities, laboratories) and ProAv (nature documentaries, sport productions).

The technology includes functionalities such as flip, rotate, mirror, digital-zoom and freeze-frame capabilities, and continued sensor refinements. The Full HD camera heads are extremely small in size and very light sensitive. Maximum compatibility and ease of operation is ensured through the multi-format and multi-output interfaces.

1MOS Micro Camera Solution GP-KH232A

The GP-KH232A includes an ultra-compact sized FULL HD 1080p 1MOS remote camera head GP-KH232HA and the CCU Control Unit GP-KH232CUE / CSE.

The system employs a 1/3-inch high resolution CMOS chip and a DSP, which enables the digital HD camera head to be very small in size. This camera system is equipped with a number of features, including an electronic shutter, gain control, scene file, white balance, electronic zoom, image freezing and remote control.

3MOS Micro Camera Solution GP-US932X

The GP-US932X, contains the GP-US932CSXE CCU control unit and the GP-US932HXE camera head - one of the smallest 3MOS camera heads on the market. It provides brilliant colour resolution, multi format capabilities up to 1080p and amazing sensitivity.

The Panasonic 3MOS Full HD GP-US932X micro camera provides the possibility to use different cable lengths, the ability to format videos in a number of ways (HD/SD/digital/analogue) and an outstanding sensitivity of 2000lx/F12 (Binning=ON).

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3MOS 4K Ultra HD Micro Camera GP-UH532 

The compact 4K Ultra HD camera head including a resolution of up to 1600 TV lines is the smallest on the market. The 1/3 inch GP-UH532 micro camera head provides high sensitivity by allowing an ease of implementation in a variety of applications thanks to the camera cable lengths of 3m, 6m and 15m.

An optimized usability of the 4K micro camera solution indicates an user interface with an easier control of the system through the operation menu or the rotating knob. Moreover, 6 or more personal profiles can be stored on a USB memory. These configurations can easily be switched according to applications.
As the system indicates a medical approval, it can be utilized in a variety of medical devices or procedures. Thanks to an ag ion coating covering front, top, left & right side, medical and microscopic areas can benefit from the antibacterial coating.