• Panasonic system cameras feature in world-class university nursing simulation labs

Panasonic system cameras feature in world-class university nursing simulation labs

InDesign Technologies was recently tasked with project managing and implementing a cohesive AV system for the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Nursing Simulation Space. It was a huge job across two campuses, taking in a total of seven clinical teaching spaces and 4 control rooms.

A wide range Panasonic AW-HE2E and AW-HE60 integrated cameras have been used across the simulation spaces in both the Sippy Downs and Gympie campuses as part of this world-class installation. The cameras use IP commands as well as serial commands which allows for control protocols to be easily integrated into the network. They also allow for simultaneous HD video out and IP streaming out so the video feeds can be monitored on traditional displays or on PC/tablets which makes them a flexible camera for multi-site campuses that are a distance apart from each other.

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What is a Nursing Simulation Space?
It’s a simulated hospital environment, designed to engage nursing students in a range of artificially created events that mimic the cases they are likely to encounter in a real hospital environment. ‘Sim’ labs allow students to make clinical decisions without placing themselves or their patients in jeopardy, while still gaining the confidence and competence required to become valuable medical professionals.

USC and Nursing Simulation
The University of the Sunshine Coast is well known for implementing new technologies, resources and learning spaces in innovative formats. The USC Nursing Simulation Spaces across the Sippy Downs and Gympie campuses features state-of-the-art technology which will enables enhanced simulation and immersive experiences for students. This technology is at the cutting edge of simulation pedagogy in nursing, midwifery and other programs and it ensures that immersive and innovative teaching methods will remain at the forefront of USC’s learning and teaching agenda.

“This installation is a true global showcase for both of organisations (USC and InDesign).” 
Michelle Hall – Program Manager – Infrastructure | Collaborative Futures Program IT Services

The benefits of InDesign’s AV system
InDesign implemented a dedicated data network to transfer AV signals throughout the sim labs. HDBaseT transmitters send AV signals uncompressed across the network, resulting in superior Full-HD images. Touch screens were installed in the control rooms for effortless switching between inputs and outputs with no lag times. Both of these features make student simulation assessment easier and less ambiguous. Additionally, the content also looks significantly better when shared to other teaching spaces that have HD projectors.

What’s more the system offers plenty of flexibility. Any signal can go anywhere on the AV network – even to learning spaces of other faculties. The microphones transfer their signal over a standard network using Dante. So, wherever a microphone receiver sits on the network, there’s the ability to accept and receive microphone signals. The benefit being that a nursing facilitator at Gympie could communicate with someone in a nursing simulation at Sippy Downs. They can also view the simulation over the internet as cameras can transmit over an IP network as well as output uncompressed HD signal locally

Panasonic Cameras and Controller

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