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The handheld barcode scanner.

It's small but mighty.


From your warehouse to the customer’s door, whether it’s for names such as Tobler in Swtitzerland, Westfalen in The Netherlands, Baeko in Germany or Hertfordshire NHS in the UK, efficient barcode scanning has never been more crucial for the logistics sector.

But rising workloads and poorly engineered devices are decreasing scanning speeds, increasing the risk of workforce injury, and costing employers dearly.

So what if we told you that certain design innovations – including a unique rear-angled barcode reader – could make scanning easier, speedier and more comfortable than ever before?

Innovative features such as an angled barcode reader and precision pen could improve scanning productivity by up to 12%.

With 30 years’ experience working in the logistics industry, Panasonic understands the challenges your industry faces. Our logistics expertise is helping to ensure streamlined processes, greater accuracy, faster delivery times, seamless scanning, increased efficiency and return on investment for logistics organisations across the world.

Productivity goes up. Fatigue goes down.

Welcome to the future of scanning.

Care to join? 


4 out of 5 of the biggest parcel companies in Japan use Panasonic handheld devices.

Here are some of the most critical questions you’ll need to ask yourself:

Why go digital?

How to improve scanning productivity and reduce RSI

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Should you choose a consumer device or something a little tougher?

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Retail stores

Which device is right for you?

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Are you looking for an off-the-shelf answer or do you need something tailored to suit your exact needs?

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