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Optimizing performance in healthcare

Having the right tools in the healthcare sector can be a matter of life or death. Equipping your staff with devices that can perform instant access to patient records or relay critical data back from the scene of an accident means vast improvements at the point of care.

That’s where Toughbooks, equipped with , come into their own.

Thanks to fanless design, sealed interfaces, impact-protected hard disks and exceptionally low magnetic emission levels – as well as their resistance to disinfectants – Toughbooks are helping to optimize performance in the healthcare sector.

Latest patient records can be retrieved from a central server, updated and transferred directly back to the server afterwards, via a secured wireless network. Pen, paper and handwritten notes are replaced by an efficient care process with real-time access to patient records and laboratory tests.

What we’d like to show you now is how Toughbooks can work with you.

How they’re already helping other organizations similar to yours. And how they can help you overcome the main challenges you face.

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