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Transforming the way aviation works

For technical maintenance and repair services in the hangars, quick maintenance services on the airfield or as Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) - Toughbooks, equipped with , help to optimise workflows in the air and to reduce service time on the ground.

Low emission levels

Thanks to their high level of protection, Toughbooks have exceptionally low magnetic emission levels and rigorous safeguards against external hazards. Selected devices have the MIL-STD 461E certification.

RTCA accredited and DO-160D certified
Selected Toughbooks are RTCA accredited and DO-160G certified – the highest industry standards in aviation instrument safety and reliability.

But those are the technical facts. What we’d like to show you now is how Toughbooks can work with you.

How they’re already helping other organizations similar to yours. And how they can help you overcome the main challenges you face.

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