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Phone number: 65 6586 7745
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Business computing at the point of service

With its range of rugged mobile PCs and tablet devices, Panasonic Computer Product Solutions delivers specialist computing solutions that perform where it matters most to a business – at the point of service or operation.

Capable of performing outdoors, in harsh environments and in the pressurized surrounds of retail, leisure and hospitality settings, our computer solutions are proving their worth in the real world, every day, across many industries.

Take a closer look at our Toughbook range of mobile PCs and tablets and you’ll discover a family of rugged devices that have long dominated the European rugged notebook market with 62.9% market share in 2010 (VDC, June 2011).

It’s a range built on a legacy of uncompromising quality and performance, which stretches back for nearly two decades now. There’s also our range of mobile printers, again, designed to optimize performance in the most challenging of environments.

You’ll find in-depth information on our end-to-end solutions throughout this site – along with our wider range of services and customer support, and details on how to integrate Panasonic Computer Product Solutions technology into your business.