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CF-20 customer case studies

Discover what users have been saying about Panasonic's Toughbook CF-20 – the world's first fully rugged detachable notebook.


Agri Con

“The new Toughbook CF-20 is the ultimate device for dual use in the agriculture sector. On farming machinery, the Toughbook’s vibration resistance, with the optional second RS232 interface and bespoke vehicle dock make the device ideal for use as a sleek user terminal to enable N sensor technology. Back in the office, the clip-on keyboard eases the task of evaluating and processing data gathered in the field. Combined with the highly luminous touchscreen, the CF-20 is the very best hardware available for use in precision farming.”

Frank Hönicke, Service und Support.
Agri Con GmbH


“The device has become much thinner, lighter and more robust, which will make our users very happy.

When I showed the new Toughbook CF-20 to my colleagues, they were very positive and they liked in particular the weight, the flexibility and the fact that the keyboard has stayed really big. “

Jan Herder, Senior Systems Manager.




“We really appreciate being given the opportunity to be one of the first businesses in Europe to trial the brand-new Toughbook CF-20. We think it's a great improvement over the current Toughbook CF-19 notebooks. The new look and feel, and the light weight particularly appeals to us. It is also a benefit that you can use the Toughbook CF-20 as both a tablet and a laptop. The trial with this device has already triggered internal discussions about the future of mobile devices within Elia.”

Pascale Huyghebaert, Data Management Expert & Mathieu Van Aerde, HV Expert - Quality, Competence & Methods.


After a two-week preliminary test, Wolfgang Bütler, Managing Director of the NOK2 Kiel Pilots Association, said ““Panasonic’s new fully rugged 2-in-1 Toughbook has all the features we need in dealing with the rough weather conditions that pilot vessels face in the North and Baltic seas. Thanks to its detachable keyboard, the Toughbook CF-20 can be used in many ways: for composing long reports, with the help of the clip-on keyboard, or as a simple tablet for touchscreen-based work. It is also light, making it easy to use and does not sacrifice any of the proven ruggedness we have come to love while using Panasonic’s “fully rugged” notebooks and tablets during our maritime missions.”

Wolfgang Bülter, Geschäftsführer.
Lotsenbrüderschaft NOK2 Kiel



“The CF-20 is more lightweight; in addition, you can remove the screen and leave the keyboard behind when you go outside.”

Rolf Broch, Rådgiver.


"The new CF-20 is a great combination of the best of both worlds: a powerful and robust tablet that can be converted into a reliable laptop with the addition of the solid keyboard. Yet, it is still very lightweight and extremely easy to operate, which is why we think the Toughbook CF-20 is a worthy successor to the CF-19."

Roger Vercruysse, PC Manager.



TÜV Rheinland

“The CF-20 test device was put through its paces as part of a preliminary test in a range of business areas and it made a very strong impression. The screen resolution is precise and easily readable, even in bright sunshine. As expected, the computer is rugged, making it ideal for the work our experts carry out each day. The tablet function is also the perfect complement to its large range of uses.”

Dr. Bernd Schreiber, Center of Integrated Management Systems.
TÜV Rheinland


"The combination of innovation with guaranteed high quality is something we consider really important, so we were keen to be one of the first businesses in Europe to test the new detachable Toughbook CF-20. We are very happy with how robust and durable the current devices are. They are still working and hardly ever suffer a failure," 

Eric Denil, Patrol Manager.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the modern design of the new devices and the combination of tablet and laptop. The compact construction, the lightweight and extras such as the handle and integrated camera are a great improvement over the Toughbook CF-19. The Toughbook CF-20 also has many expansion options such as a smartcard reader and bar code reader. This device will certainly give us the opportunity to continue to optimise our service in the future."

Gert Brosens, Project Manager IT.



Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen

“The new Toughbook CF-20 looks good. It’s lightweight and the handle is a particular benefit. We are very happy with the current CF-H2 devices in terms of failure rates (just two devices out of 1,200 have been defective). The combination of a tablet and laptop in a single device is particularly useful as our nurses can use the devices, mainly as a tablet, but the detachable keyboard also means it can be used as a fully functional laptop if data needs to be entered during hospital and doctor visits.

Danny De Schutter, IT systems administrator.
Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen


“As soon as we saw the concept, we thought this is the rugged mobile device for the future. The ability to be able to detach the tablet from the notebook means that users have the ultimate flexibility they need to work in any environment with the confidence that the device is easier to use, lighter than ever before and as rugged as always. We have been part of a development process that has helped make this latest Toughbook a device that can meet the needs in almost any outdoor scenario with the functionality to satisfy the latest generation of tablet users.”

Paul Barker, Support Services Manager.
Zurich Engineering