• Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and Scalability

Due to the speed of today’s working world, technology has to be capable of keeping up with change, adapting as a business grows and evolves. So flexibility and scalability are integral to all Panasonic communications solutions.

In particular, we’ve developed solutions that use IP effectively to increase flexibility within a business.

One-look Networking
Our one-look Networking is a system which allows a single KX-NS1000 unified communications platform to provide PBX features even when two or more PBXs are networked.

There’s no need for additional servers as the system can be expanded easily via a web-based maintenance console. And that can cover up to 16 sites and 1,000 users.

Reliable back-up to survive failures
With one-look Networking, the system can continue to operate even if there’s a failover due to system trouble with the master KX-NS1000. By specifying a backup master site, the backup master site will act as the master site temporarily to continue communication services when there is trouble with the master site. This enables each site to continue operating independently.

Easy set up
The KX-NS1000 has a new in-built router function that can be used to support VPN with networks built with one-look Networking. Thanks to one-look Networking, settings can be configured for all offices at a single site. Also, since this can be achieved using activation keys, additional hardware isn’t required and you can establish secure connections at a low cost, even when communicating using a softphone on a smartphone.

Backwards compatibility
For technology to be scalable, it needs to be able to integrate with other devices and systems. Panasonic has again ensured this feature is an inherent part of our technology, as we have created unified communications solutions that allow customers to continue using legacy technology, so the initial purchase cost is kept to a minimum.