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The most advanced panasonic communications server

NS1000 evolves to provide new innovation in business communications 

NS1000 neXTGen, New Version 2 System Architecture
The announcement of KX-NS1000 neXTGen business communications server with greatly improved system architecture marks a major development for the business communications technology market and, a significant milestone of progress for the most advanced IP communications platform ever developed by Panasonic.  With the fundamentals of NS1000 design criteria intended to revolutionise business communications, a new system update released later today has been specifically focussed around improving return on investment and enabling greater business communication efficiency in SME and multi-site enterprises.  NS1000 integrates business operations and helps truly unify communications and messaging including voicemail, fax and email whilst delivering additional benefits for call centres and providing conferencing solutions.

Dependable, Flexible Solutions for Real Business Needs
NS1000 can be used together with partner application solutions to provide full contact centre functionality. Conference solutions improve internal communications and can reduce the high costs associated with business travel whilst Multi-Site DECT with high quality audio and noise reduction capabilities together with paging enables personnel working within different sites to remain in continuous communication with colleagues even when mobile.  The new capabilities of NS1000 system software update empowers businesses and enables employees to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid Legacy Interoperability and System Future Proofing
New version 2 system software update allows the KX-NS1000 to handle both IP and a mix of IP and TDM.  By connecting existing Panasonic Hybrid PBX systems with the KX-NS1000 it is possible to efficiently obtain expandability and flexibility for hybrid and legacy platform with digital  lines and terminals, as well as leverage the built-in Unified Messaging features of the KX-NS1000.  This enables businesses that have yet to migrate to IP to gain from the advantages of undertaking a ‘soft migration’.  The system allows to add activation keys to flexibly increase capacity or functionality when required according to business growth. Supporting multi-site networking that helps businesses with today’s constant demand for diversified and distributed growth, the NS1000 offers an excellent ‘future proof’ platform that grows with your business needs.

Business Communication Survivability
Support for Business Communications Survivability provides peace of mind to busy decision makers, employees and support staff. In the unlikely event the master unit fails, a pre-programmed slave unit can act as the backup master unit. There is also an ‘Isolated Mode’ which means that if a slave unit fails to connect to the master, all local extensions, trunks and UM would remain functional. This resiliency addresses customer reservations to multi-site deployments and aims to reduce the unnecessary support costs which businesses implementing such systems often incur. 

Unified Messaging and Voicemail and other Communications
KX-NS1000 brings together a set of unified messaging features and scalability options with 1024 voicemail boxes and up to 1000 hours  of storage capacity to fulfil the needs of even some of the largest operations.  Businesses handling a regular stream of inbound and outbound fax – will be pleased to note that business fax requirements can also be handled via an upgradable optional fax server card.

The KX-NS1000 can be coupled with a range of attractive and streamlined conventional wired phones and DECT wireless terminals supporting HD audio. The new NT500 series IP terminals bring best-in-class audio quality, low power ECO mode and the most advanced features to the new system.  SIP phones enhance personal communications using excellent HD quality audio on all models through the range, combined with low power consumption and easy access to powerful supporting features. Alternatively the IP proprietary telephones are designed for business people who require a range of feature-rich telephony devices to match their constantly changing business needs.

1 Default 2 hours voicemail with up to 1000 hours via activation key and additional memory
2 Optional Fax Server card - 1 channel

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