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Panasonic's New SIP Multicell DECT Phones The KX-UDT Series

Satisfies the needs of companies who always want to be ready to talk to their customers

Panasonic Systems Communication Company Europe (PSCEU) will be launching its latest UDT SIP series to complete the range of SIP phones with SIP Multicell DECT1 server. The new series will be available on the European market in July 20122 for carrier and Operators / Open Source Market (e.g. Asterisk Digium).

Panasonic, a leading DECT manufacturer, provides a great solution for companies whose employees are moving frequently around the building.  With the new UDT SIP Muticell DECT product series, the whole building becomes one communication zone where the existing company network infrastructure is utilized and additional specific wiring is not required.  Incoming calls can be answered anywhere with a DECT portable handset. This guarantees quick and efficient communication for on-site employees and improves customer satisfaction due to less time spent waiting for calls to be transferred.

The UDT series will include two types of handsets and one cell station suiting the needs for a range of vertical markets. The standard handset, KX-UDT111, is an ideal solution for general offices, government, and education whilst the KX-UDT121 executive handset, offering slim and light design, vibration and Bluetooth, fits the retail, hospitality, and healthcare industry.

The SIP based DECT phone will demonstrate high quality voice and improvements against radio errors. It will also be equipped with wideband audio and noise reduction features. The IT network friendly product will ensure effortless administration maintenance and cell station deployment. Panasonic SIP based DECT UDT series will provide complete business solution with exceptional consistency of quality and performance on an affordable system price.

The UDT SIP based DECT range is currently being introduced across Europe in a series of events which gives carriers and distributers the opportunity to get an insight into the new UDT/UDS multi-cell SIP DECT solutions. The first of the series of events was held on 29th May in London and had representatives from the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark. The participants also had the opportunity to have hands on experience with these and other products in the extensive Panasonic SIP terminal range, such as the UT670 Smart Desk phone and the UT248 Executive desk phone.

This has been one of the most positive events I have attended. There was huge interest in the new products and there were many valuable suggestions as to how these new SIP DECT systems could be immediately implemented into customer solutions” Bob Price, European Sales Trainer, Panasonic.

1 Wireless server
2 No compatibility with current digital business DECT system

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