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Panasonic releases scanner software to target key vertical markets

Panasonic has launched new software for its professional scanner range which can create searchable PDF files with full OCR[1] and automate output to network storage or even email clients

The software, called Image Capture Plus, transfers scanned image data to a PC in the form of user-selectable files including PDFA and OCR PDFs. The user interface also enables users to re-order scanned pages (visually move pages around and delete them from within a document) using thumbnail images. It also allows them to customize these features before scanning to save time and simplify processes. 
The software includes a double exposure feature, which, for example, allows healthcare professionals to scan two sides of an ID card onto the same page. It can also automatically skip over blank pages – a useful application for the transport and logistics industry, where thousands of delivery notes and invoices are scanned every day. This makes searching within scanned documents easier, and means that files use less memory. 
The automatic cropping feature saves time by eliminating the need to go back and manually crop documents. This is particularly useful in the public sector where employees need to handle a wide range of paper documents of different sizes such as application forms, certificates and licences. 
Users can also delete punch holes on the image data as the software will cover them up with the colour of the main document. An automatic image orientation feature means that documents set in different directions are automatically rotated to ensure consistency after they have been scanned.
Already recognized within the industry as reliable and durable machines, Panasonic’s scanners range from a 25 page per minute (ppm) desk scanner, to a 100 ppm high-end industrial product. Panasonic business scanners can scan colour or binary documents on both sides at up to 600dpi. They are particularly useful in industries including: 
Healthcare: the software helps process very long documents such as electrocardiograms, and enables the hardware to scan embossed cards that are regularly used for hospital ID.
Secretarial services: the software provides ultrasonic double feed detection – so users don’t have to manually clear jams and faults if two pages are fed into the machine at once.
“For the last 14 years Panasonic has been supplying high performance professional scanners to a wide range of organisations. We understand that different industries have very specific needs when it comes to document capture, and Image Capture Plus caters for many of these users who require a simple interface, but need high quality document capture and processing,” said Brennan Peyton, general manager at Panasonic Imaging Group. 
“Whether scanning in security passes in a hospital or producing the particulars for a new house, this software enables our scanners to produce professional documents as efficiently as possible,” he continued. 
Panasonic will be demonstrating the software on its professional scanner range at this year’s CeBIT event in Hannover, Germany, between 1 and 5 March 2011. The company can be found at ALOS and KOFAX stands.
[1] Optical character recognition – conversion of scanned images of text into machine encoded text