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Panasonic Formula 1 charity for the benefit of tsunami victims in Japan

Replica Formula 1 car and many unique souvenirs to be auctioned on eBay

A genuine racing suit or even a whole Formula 1 cockpit for the home are not only prestigious collectors' items for motor racing fans but also make sensational ideas for Christmas presents. From 13th November to 11th December, 2011, Panasonic will be auctioning exclusive Formula 1 equipment and stunning memorabilia from the former Panasonic Toyota Racing team on eBay at for the benefit of tsu-nami victims in Japan.

Three, two, one - and with a little effort and luck it could be yours! Whoever's bid wins in the Panasonic Formula 1 charity auction will become the proud owner of exclusive rarities from the legendary premier league of motor racing. The list is long - it includes original racing tyres, racing suits, Formula 1 shoes and a number of team caps, auto-graphed pictures and lanyards. The absolute highlights of the whole auction include a complete reconstruction of a Formula 1 car (replica car) and a genuine half-size racing simulator. All from the original stock of the Panasonic Toyota Racing team.

In all, Panasonic will be auctioning more than 200 items from seven years of motor racing involvement with the Panasonic Toyota racing team. Every purchase will con-tribute towards helping the tsunami victims in Japan. The full proceeds of the charity campaign will be passed on together with further donations from other Panasonic campaigns to the relief organisation World Vision Deutschland e.V. and will contribute directly to local reconstruction. Panasonic will equip schools which have been de-stroyed by the earthquake with furniture and teaching material, and will thus help children in the region to get back to normality.

Since the devastating earthquake and the resulting tsunami on 11th March on the north-east coast of Japan, all kinds of help have been urgently required in this region with more than one million people affected. The Panasonic project is supported by eBay sales service provider Limal GmbH and DHL as logistics partner, as well as Scholz & Friends Brand Affairs as communications agency.

The auction started on eBay on Sunday, 13th November and can be found under "Panasonic F1" at