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Panasonic Delivers DECT Flexibility and Durability



The new range of Panasonic business DECT handsets with full duplex hands-free mode and headset support[1] has been designed with the professional end-user in mind; providing both flexibility and durability.

The KX-UDT131 offers simple configuration and update features such as ‘over the air’ updates which sync changes in contacts in your phonebook with those made using a simple PC interface. This is ideal in business environments with a centralised phonebook such as in large stores or warehouses. With the ability to store up to 5 numbers per contact you can be sure that it’s easy to keep all your contact details up to date and organized.

The KX-UDT131 is also highly compatible[2] and versatile due to the independent SIP server. This gives the end-user the opportunity to utilize any existing network infrastructure to carry voice and signalling traffic to the cell stations without any extra cabling. Remote system maintenance and cell station deployment are also simplified through the network and the remote administration system.

With an IP65 rating and “industry leading toughness”, the KX-UDT131 model is ideal for busy commercial environments where it may be subject to drops and shock, such as factories and retail environments. Smooth and comfortable conversations can also be made in such environments, even if they are surrounded by metallic ceilings and walls, as a result of Panasonic enhanced error detection precision and new voice processing technology.

Performance in noisy environments is also improved as ambient noise is intelligently detected and reduced, giving optimum performance in areas subject to high background noise levels. This makes the KX-UDT131 usable in noisy and hectic environments. This is coupled with the error detection precision and voice processing technology to deliver high quality audio. Automatic volume control is also included to enhance the business user experience.

Offering the signature Panasonic reliability through its flexible and durable design the KX-UDT131 is perfect for any business which wants to enhance its communication and drive business value without any limitations which its environment may create.

[1] Bluetooth headset only

[2] Supported by the NS1000