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Panasonic Announces the KV-S1026C and KV-S1015C: A New Set of Compact and Affordable Scanners for Personal and Business Use

Panasonic System Communications Company Europe is pleased to announce the new scanner duo: the KV-S1015C and KV-S1026C, which are to be shown at the DMS Expo, from the 23rd to the 25th of October and available in December 2012. Both the KV-S1015C and KV-S1026C is a compact colour duplex scanner able to scan up to 2,000 pages a day; however each model targets a distinctive market.

The KV-S1015C is a scanner designed for the small or home office, or alternatively a desktop set-up in the business market. The scanner is very compact, yet professional and delivers high quality images up to 600 dpi combined with a complete software solution package. It also features Cloud services giving a high level of ‘workgroup’ productivity and a scanning speed of 20 pages per minute; making it one of the faster compact scanners in the industry. 

The KV-S1015C is delivered complete with a software solution featuring Biz Card and Page Manager. Biz Card allows business cards to be scanned and converts the data which they hold into a searchable database. This capability reduces the difficulty of finding and storing the contact details of both customers and suppliers and reduces the potential for loss of data. Similarly, Page Manager is a file management application which makes it easier to store, organize and edit digital documents produced by the KV-S1015C. It is also possible to save the scanned item using a multitude of file formats including PDF, TIFF, JPEG and BMP or alternatively to upload scanned documents and images to popular cloud services such as MS SharePoint or Google Docs.

Many smaller businesses have delayed investing in paperless office projects, however the KV-S1015C will enable businesses to afford a scanner and facilitate the scanning of incoming post, invoices, and payroll and purchasing receipts in order to automate the administration processes, reduce business costs, secure the billing process and ultimately improve business productivity.

The KV-S1026C on the other hand is aimed to meet more specific business needs within healthcare and banking, for example in receptions for administration purposes. It offers an abundance of unique features which other compact scanners don’t, including the ‘Double Feed Skip’ button which allows double feeds to enable the scanning of documents such as envelopes and pages with sticky notes, whilst scanning at a speed of up to 30 pages per minute in black and white and 20 pages per minute in colour.

In the healthcare environment, the KV-S1026C is ideal as it allows for the scanning of a variety of documents; from identity cards to test results such as electrocardiograms, as it is able to scan papers as thin as 20 g/ m² as well as embossed cards. The KV-S1026C also meets banking needs through its ability to collate documents within customer information files including ID, documentary proof, loan contracts and legal documents. Giving account managers desktop scanners such as the KV-S1026C certainly helps to speed up the process of digitalising and collating documents, and maximize the digital scanned image quality and therefore the file legibility.

In addition to the features of the scanner itself the KV-1026C is delivered with Image Capture Plus; an application that transfers image data scanned by a scanner to a PC in the form of an image file. This software allows you to edit scanned pages intuitively using thumbnail images. It also lets you make various settings to facilitate complex scanning processes including automatic image orientation, blank page removal and automatic crop.

The features of the KV-S1015C and KV-S1026C differentiate the two models in terms of the needs which they meet and the purpose which they are intended for, however common features include with three “One Touch Scanning” buttons, designed to enable users to set-up three sets of instructions each of which will correlate to a button, resulting in the document scanned being saved in a specific folder, or sent to a pre-set email. This set-up saves time and enables administrative personnel to use the scanner without difficulty. Secondly, both models can scan up to 50 sheets at one time or three embossed plastic cards with a number of mixed documents. Finally, each scanner has an active double feed prevention roller and ultrasonic Double Feed detection to prevent double feeding and loss of documents.

So if your business is in need of a one stop technology solution including a compact scanner to meet small, home and administrative business needs then look no further than the new Panasonic scanner duo; the KV-S1015C and KV-S1026C available from December 2012 at €529 and €699 respectively.

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