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Panasonic is pleased to add Irish Cloud-Telecoms provider Blueface to their European Cloud Solutions Network. Blueface is a high growth, innovative and fully Irish-owned landline and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) delivering business focused unified-communications solutions using VOIP and Next Generation Mobile SIM technologies.

Blueface was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Dublin, with operations in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Italy. The company has a strong R&D focus, leveraging its customized Internet Protocol (IP) platform to deliver tailored solutions to small-businesses, SME’s and Large Enterprise Clients at market leading rates.

In the last eight years, Blueface has grown to become Ireland’s largest provider of Managed Communications and IP services to a target market of SMEs and Medium to Large Enterprises. Services include high functionality ‘Hosted PBX’ Solutions; Landline Voice Services; Mobile Voice, Text and Data; Mobile Applications; Innovative Online and On-Phone Voicemail; Web Services; ‘Fax-to-Email’ Paperless Faxing; and other Communications and IT Services.

Using the Panasonic redirect server means that Blueface can order hardware to be shipped directly from Panasonic to the customer. This hardware remotely configures itself as soon as it is switched on and connected to the data network.  This streamlined process for equipment configuration has benefited both large and small customers of Blueface with increased accuracy and quicker deployment times.

Blueface’s Landline services are delivered using the innovative UT range of Panasonic SIP hardware and the company attribute their success to a core commitment of delivering cutting edge, innovative solutions which enable customers’ businesses while also delivering huge telecoms cost savings and a first class customer service experience.

For more information about Blueface, see or contact Blueface at their headquarters in Dublin by emailing or calling +353 1 524 2000.