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Panasonic serves up next generation PBX system

Panasonic has announced the launch of the KX-NSX, the newest addition to its range of business communication systems, designed to give businesses the flexibility to connect with their customers wherever they are and from whatever device they are using.

The KX-NSX is an affordable multi-connection PBX server with centralised management capabilities, which supports between 50 and 2000 users across 32 sites. It can manage multiple devices simultaneously and seamlessly route office calls to a mobile using a single number.

The system is flexible and scalable and comes in two versions. The KX-NSX1000 is suitable for up to 1000 users, while the KX-NSX2000 is suitable for up to 2000 users. Both can be adapted for a range of user types, underscoring Panasonic’s commitment to delivering communication solutions that meet a range of customer needs.

“We recognise that today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and fragmented,” explains Carlos Osuna, Panasonic Marketing Manager for Communication Solutions. “The KX-NSX is a flexible system that can be adapted to different situations and environments and one that’s capable of meeting the demands and expectations of customers whenever and wherever they arise.

“The KX-NSX is our largest system to date and makes our communication server technology suitable for virtually any business, regardless of its size.”

The system features collaborative functions between multiple devices, presence management, audio, text or video chat and synchronisation with Outlook Calendar.  

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